Minu Hotel – Weather in Fethiye:

The delightful climate in Fethiye is what allows visitors and locals to fully enjoy everything that the area has to offer.  Most of the year time is spent outside with the hot sultry summer month’s perfect for pursuing seaside and yachting activities.  Spring and autumn are the best time for walking and exploring the surrounding mountains and beach coves.  With the winters in Fethiye being much milder than most of Europe, many great evenings can be spent fireside in Fethiye’s numerous bars and restaurants and lovely sunny winter days are perfect for practically any activity you wish to pursue.  Minu Hotel is open all year for visitors to enjoy every wonderful season Fethiye has to offer.  The hotel is fully equipped for all weather with unlimited air conditioning, heating and hot water included in the price of the room.

Minu Hotel – Historical Attractions in Fethiye:

Fethiye is full of historical culture and excellent amenities needed for a fantastic holiday.  Minu hotel is located amongst the ancient stone built buildings and narrow lanes of the Old Town (Paspatür) with shading provided by tropical flowers and grape vines.  This is the perfect place to browse and have fun purchasing authentic gifts; quality leather, fabulous gold and silver jewellery and all fashion of rugs and textiles as well as stopping to eat at the many delicious restaurants and quaint bars quietly open all day for explorers in the area.

Deep in the heart of the Old Town, a few minutes from the Minu hotel, lies the ancient traditional Turkish bath (Hamam).   Originally built in the 16th century, it is still used today by locals and tourists alike.  Attending a Turkish bath is an extremely relaxing and healthy experience enjoyed by many.

The ancient amphitheatre is a short stroll from Minu Hotel and the Old Town.  This splendid structure and its huge stonework dates back to the 2nd Century BC and luckily it is still being used to host candle lit classical concerts during the sultry summer evenings.  Many artefacts including Roman statues and sculptures were discovered during the excavation of the amphitheatre which can now be found exhibited in Fethiye’s Museum, another nice place to visit.

The famous temple-style hand carved tombs which were the final resting place for the dignitaries of the local Lycian society over 2,500 years ago are carved into the elevated rock faces overlooking Fethiye bay and are clearly visible from the top floor rooms at Minu Hotel.  They are easily reached by foot from the hotel through the town and up the mountain side staircase.  The panoramic views from this open air museum are breath-taking and display, not only the whole town but, many miles of countryside beyond.

For the more adventurous Minu Hotel guest, there is a famous hillside walk from Fethiye through the rocky pine forests named the ‘Lycian Way’.  The delightful hiking path leads to the nearby ‘Ghost Village’ of Kayaköy.   A visit to Kayaköy village is a superb day out whether it is reached by foot from Fethiye or, by the more speedy method, local minibus service.  It is a deserted ancient Anatolian Greek village of 3,000 homes that has been so well preserved; you can clearly imagine what life was like for the many residents who had to flee this beautiful area in the not so ancient 1920’s.

Minu Hotel – Eating in Fethiye:

Surrounding the Minu Hotel in Fethiye are numerous places to sample the delicious Mediterranean cuisine.  Eating out plays an enormous part in Turkish culture and the general day to day lives of both locals and visitors.  It all starts from the languor of an extensive Turkish breakfast, right through to the delightful ‘meze’ starter dishes in the bustling fresh fish market restaurants or authentic Turkish kebab houses.  In between there are numerous stops for chats and tea or coffee with the locals when they invite you to join them in their daily discussions.  Fethiye is a food lover’s heaven with the freshest produce grown locally and sold in the weekly vegetable market which is also only a short stroll from Minu Hotel.

Minu Hotel – What to Expect in Fethiye:

An exceptionally welcoming place, Fethiye is safe and family friendly.  Children are warmly welcomed in every establishment and there are numerous parks and areas for them to play and enjoy the weather.  Whatever the time of day and night the local people will not hesitate to help visitors with directions or transport queries, great friendships have been formed between many locals and the regular visitors to Fethiye.

Turkish culture, especially in smaller regions, is based on community spirit and family values.  The community has a protective instinct so, if someone is in need of help or there is an emergency, there is no hesitation to assist until the problem is fully resolved.

Minu Hotel – Surrounding Areas of Fethiye:

Beach Coves

Ten minutes drive from Minu Hotel takes you past the yacht marina and fascinating boat yard, through the forest to beautiful beach cove after beach cove.They all face the stunning mountainous scenery of Fethiye as far as the eye can see over the calm Mediterranean waters and safe beaches perfect for swimming, snorkelling and relaxing on the beach. There are great value eating and drinking facilities available to keep refreshed and a reliable minibus service passing the hotel throughout the day.


The famous Öludeniz beach is a short drive from Minu Hotel and well worth the 25min journey through the mountains and local villages.  Its images are all over the travel magazines and is a protected conservation area of outstanding natural beauty.  Being quite a vast area means there is something for everyone, water sports, boat trips and even paragliding from the nearby Babadağ Mountain.  But if complete relaxation and solitude is what you are craving, there is more than enough room for everyone.The protected ‘Blue Lagoon’ area is as calm as a lake surrounded by beaches and fresh green forests and hills.People that have visited here have been astounded by its beauty and nature voting it as one of the World’s top ten beaches.


Geographically Çalış lies 5kms to the south side of Fethiye bay and getting there by water taxi, only a 2mins walk from Minu Hotel, is a great experience.  On a hot summer’s day, hopping on a 30min boat trip is a wonderful way to relax, cool down and visit Çalış beach.  The return journey on the boat back to the hotel offers the best views of the hills and mountains beyond the pretty harbour town and yacht marina.

Çalış, with its long stretch of beautiful seaside and beach front, is a laid back and relaxing spot.  Most of Çalış revolves around the promenade which is a wonderful place to sit, people watch and witness the most amazing summer evening sunsets.  The promenade is full of friendly establishments inviting visitors to sit at their tables and chat about the wonderful things to see and do.

The beachfront is a laid back area of Çalış, lined with shaded sun loungers, it is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the beautiful Turkish weather.  The sea itself is warm and the sand underfoot as you walk in makes it comfortable and safe.  There are water sport activities from pedal pushing to windsurfing all done a safe distance away from paddlers and swimmers.


Only 8km from Minu Hotel, set in the pine clad forests and hills of the ancient historical coastal region of South West Turkey, is the UNESCO World Friendship and Peace Village of Kayaköy.  A visit to this beautiful site is one of the highlights of a stay in Fethiye